Repair of cooling tower No. 5 at the Tisová power plant

The purpose of the project was to carry out localized repairs on the supporting structure of cooling tower No. 5 and completely replace the cooling system.

Scope of Works

The project included repair of reinforced concrete structures and coolant replacement. The primary issue with cooling tower No. 5 was insufficient cleaning of the cooling and refill water depending on the operation and operating conditions The cooling channels of the fill material were often blocked for this reason. Blocking of the fill material caused failure to comply with the main parameters of the cooling zone, prevented sufficient cooling of the cooling water and thus impaired the condenser efficiency. Another consequence of blocked fill material was increased overloading of the supporting steel structure of the fills which could result in destruction of individual cells of the fills of cooling tower No. 5.

We cleaned the eliminators with a 220 bar water jet using Kranzle equipment; inspection included testing of water tightness of the surface layer, we sealed a crack at the interface between the machine room and diffuser (Aquafin 2K adhesive plaster), inserted hydro-isolating tape and applied a unifying protective coating. We also newly concreted the sloped layer at the machine room and diffusers and applied asphalt penetration. We repaired a dilatation, cooling system, cleaned the pipeline and the basin, and repaired the cracks in the basin.

Project details


Repair of cooling tower No. 5


September 2017


Elektrárna Tisová, a. s.


Cooling tower No. 5 at Elektrárna Tisová