Remediation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures

Construction of new reinforced concrete structures (foundations, reservoirs, tanks, industrial buildings).

Reconstruction of reinforced concrete structures for new technologies (static securing, partial demolitions, reinforcing connections, concreting, remediation).

Complete rebuilding of industrial structures (building parts, technology, electrical and ventilation equipment).

Remediation of reinforced concrete structures (static securing, manual and mechanical application of repair materials, surface blasting, protective coating systems, etc.).

Load-bearing steel structures (new and reconstructed, cutting and welding of materials, surface cleaning, coating systems).

Work at heights (activities using climbing equipment, work platforms, specialized works).

Deep coal repository

Alpiq Kladno- Deep coal repository

Chemical water treatment plant hall

Cineregtika Ústí – Chemical water treatment plant hall

Diagnostics and construction technical surveys (CTS)

Technical inspections and construction technical surveys (CTS).

Construction technical assessments of constructions including exact identification of causes of defects and faults according to ČSN EN 1504-10 and ČSN ISO 13 822.

Diagnostics of defects and faults of building structures including recommendation of remedy.

Field tests of building materials and structures (non-destructive and destructive methods).

Laboratory tests of building materials and structures (in a meaningful yet effective scope).

Digital photo and video documentation (easy archiving).

Structural calculations and assessment of building structures.

Assessment of defects, faults and failures of buildings.

Dětmarovice power plant - ABS2 structure

Dětmarovice power plant – ABS2 structure

Česká rafinérská - pipeline bridges

Česká rafinérská – pipeline bridges

Design and consulting services

Design of steel structures and constructions.

Preparation of shop documentation for steel structures.

Design of reinforced concrete structures and constructions.

Planning of structural repairs.

Remediation projects including implementation technology and quality control plans.

Myplast_PD Modernizace CHV8

Development of a non-regulating cooling pump with a concrete spiral using UHPC technology

Myplast – DD for upgrade of cooling tower 8

Myplast – DD for upgrade of cooling tower 8

ČEPS – Quality inspection methodology

ČEPS – Quality inspection methodology


Elaboration of intents (analysis of supporting materials, solution proposals, opposition, studies of investment possibilities, feasibility studies, optimization of interests).

Tenders (technical, legal, financial (pricing) supporting documents).

Contractual relations (commercial contract law, contractual determination of performance and quality parameters, contractual sanctions, term performance, time schedules).

Compliance with Act No. 183/2006 Coll. (zoning, construction and occupancy permit proceedings).

Realization of constructions (investor’s or contractor’s engineering, coordination of multiple contractors, financial management of projects, network planning, deadline planning, capacity planning, cost planning, quality control, implementation supervision, technological regulations, inspection protocols).

Handover and acceptance of the work (plan of acceptance proceedings, comprehensive testing, trial operation, evaluation of compliance with parameters, planning of construction maintenance of structures).

ČEZ, EPR – Limestone slurry storage failure

ČEZ, EPR – Limestone slurry storage failure

ČEZ, Dětmarovice power plant – ABS1 collapse

ČEZ, Dětmarovice power plant – ABS1 collapse