Professional and Publishing Activities

Organizing and conducting training events in the field of remediation of building structures and quality control in civil engineering.

Practical demonstrations of the use of methods and equipment in the field of remediation of building structures and quality control in civil engineering.

Lectures and publications at professional seminars and conferences.

Preparation of methodology for execution and inspection of works for defined work activities.

Cooperation on development and presentation of remediation materials.

Sbornik konference Sanace

Sanace (Remediation) conference proceedings

Prispevek na konferenci Sanace

Contributions to the Sanace (Remediation) conference

Technical and Economic Audits of Structures

Technical and economic audits of building objects are a technical aid for the owner – manager of building parts, which provides a comprehensive information and knowledge about objects. Namely the assessment of the condition of objects, evaluation of this condition using the comparative method, determination of the progress of measures in order to use this output for the maintenance and repair planning. This is a long-term systematic step with a “mandatory” continuous update.

Scope of the technical and economic audits:

Creating a list of objects on the basis of an indicative visual inspection and their incorporation into a layout plan of the premises.

Completion of unified forms with technical data for each object during detailed visual inspection (including digital PD and photographic documentation).

Classification of objects into categories according to need for repairs.

Preparation of individual object books on the groundwork of informative diagnostics.

Proposal for measures (elimination of defects) for individual objects including an estimate of financial costs.

Preparation of a plan of periodic inspections and inspections of individual objects.

Economic evaluation and comparison.

All data is transmitted in both printed and digital form for the purpose of creating interconnected database files.

Pasportizace Česká rafinérská

Technical and economic audits – Česká rafinérská


Audit documentation

Technical and Technological Activities

Access to tall objects and structures (individually by means of climbing equipment, collective access by means of work platforms or atypical structures, including preparation of safety and operating regulations).

Surface blasting (blasting of metals, concrete, stone and wood, blasting with wet abrasive material using “TORBO” equipment, dry abrasive blasting, blasting with water or water with added abrasive material, flame blasting, including preparation of technological and safety regulations).

Work with water jets (separation of materials, hydro-demolition, blasting of surfaces with automatic corrosion inhibitor dosing, pointed and rotating jets).

Mechanical application of building materials (dry mortar and concrete spraying, wet mortar and concrete spraying, including preparation of technological regulations).

Mechanical application of paints (airless spraying, inspection of layers by measurement, including preparation of technological, hygienic and waste regulations).

Quality control (measuring instruments, testing, testing reference standards, valid regulatory standards, quality control plans, quality management system).


Alpiq Zlín – Platforms for access to cooling tower for CTS execution


Metalšpric – Platforms for access to bridge

Production of Steel Structures

Construction of new steel structures (halls, shelters, pipeline bridges).

Revitalization of steel structures (dismantling of damaged parts, remediation of load-bearing structure, new cladding and daylighting)

Metalworking production (stainless steel products for food industry, transport baskets, spatial frames, staircases, blacksmith work).

Blasting of metal surfaces (sand blasting, “wet” blasting with TORBO equipment, water jet blasting).

Surface treatment (hot-dip galvanizing, airless spraying, protective coating systems).


ČEZ, Dětmarovice power plant – new flue gas duct


ČEZ, EPR – New part of cable bridge


Accounting for legal entities.

Accounting for natural persons.

Tax records.

Accounting for sports clubs and interest organizations.

Accounting for apartment owners in apartment buildings.

Advisory center on taxes, accounting, payroll, and human resources.

Preparation of documents for and assistance with Revenue Authority, Social Security Authority, health insurance company audits.

We have the professional competence for the above-mentioned services, authorized and knowledgeable staff including technical and software equipment (accounting programs STEREO 2007, ÚČTO 2007).

Vedení účetnictví


Expert Institute

Expert opinions for structures are provided for us by the expert institute CON TES, s.r.o., which is registered in the first section of the list of institutes qualified to provide expert opinions in the field of civil engineering and has the scope of expert authorization for assessing residential, civil, engineering and industrial structures, including power industry structures, from the perspective of statics, reconstruction, defects, faults and accidents, and for the assessment of technical documentation of structures, construction works and technologies pursuant to the provisions of Section 21 (3) of Act No. 36/1967 Coll.

The expert institute provides the following services for our customers:

Expert opinions for commercial courts.
Expert opinions for criminal proceedings.
Expert opinions for civil proceedings.

Example of expert certificate:

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