Construction works during repairs of the hydroelectric power plant at Nymburk, Hydropol, a.s.

The works performed consisted of building modifications during the hydroelectric power plant upgrade. The purpose of the works was to increase the power plant’s efficiency and prolong its service life.

Scope of Works

After removing the original machinery, the entire surface was blasted with KRANZLE Quadro 800 TST equipment at a pressure of 250 bar. After the new machinery was fitted, rebar was anchored into the original structure with anchoring pins and anchoring blocks fixed with FIS VS 300 T chemical anchor according to the design documentation. This step was followed by gradual concreting of new structures into a formwork built using standard carpentry techniques according to the design documentation and structural assessment. Concreting was performed with self-compacting concrete C 25/30, XC2, SCC, with aggregate size of 8 – 16 mm.

This realization is an example of an upgrade of reinforced concrete structures of waterworks. Our specialty is to perform reinforced concrete structural works with irregular shapes, construction works below the surrounding water level and the resulting issues, e.g., determination of specific work procedures, continuous maintenance of temporary barriers and continuous pumping of water from temporary pits.

Project details


Construction works – Nymburk hydroelectric power plant


February to September 2009


Hydropol Project & Management, a.s.


Nymburk hydroelectric power plant premises